Carla Bauer - songwriter/singer  

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Deb and Al Brinkerhoff are locally based musicians who play acoustic folk/Americana featuring dobro, lap steel and banjo.  They live in Merlin where Deb is also a Warre Beekeeper.  The whole family is uber talented and the band often includes their kids.

The Brinkerhoffs, "Sequoia"

Jen Ambrose

A Pacific Northwest performer, Jen is an accomplished acoustic guitarist who has opened for a number of artists including Michael Franti andSpearhead,  Pablo Moses, the Norma Frazier Band, Jackie Greene, Colin Hay and even 60's rock music legend, Donovan.

Jen Ambrose


In addition to producing honey and beeswax, bees pollinate the plants that produce fruits, vegetables and nuts worldwide.  Honey, which is delicious and healthful is used to make a variety of delicacies including Honey Wine, or Mead. 

Honey is like packaging time in a bottle.  If properly kept it can be stored indefinitely.  Every time you taste honey you are tasting the Terroir or "taste of a place".  Enjoy the aroma just like you might with a fine wine!

Unfortunately viruses, climate change, pesticide use and parasites have reduced the number of honeybees. Beekeepers are in the process of addressing these and other concerns.  

Some beekeepers have a backyard hive or two and find that this is a meaningful way to stay in touch with the environment, have fun and learn about bees.  Others manage thousands of hives and the needs of millions of bees on a full time basis.  Some also transport their hives to orchards where the bees pollinate the orchards, giving us fruit, nuts and vegetables.

All of this pollination and creation is possible only when the ecology is right.  Temperature, water supply, food (pollen and nectar) for the bees has to be there in the right ratios for bees to survive.  Right now, the bee is like the proverbial "canary in the mine shaft", signaling that we need to attend to our environment.  It is in this spirit that this celebration of bees, beekeepers, honey and mead is offered.