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What to plant for Bees // Fall/Winter:  

Remember to use native plants whenever possible.

-Oregon grape, an evergreen shrub that produces yellow flowers blooming for weeks.
— Heath and heather in shades of purple and gold.

— Male willow plants, maples, apple, crabapple, native cherry.

Prepare for a Hive Inspection - courtesy of PerfectBee

Hive Checklist - courtesy of  Eastern Missouri Beekeepers Association

Oregon and Northern California Honey Producers and Bee Suppliers

Bee-Licious Honey: Portland, Oregon: www.bee-licioushoney.com or 503.867.4596

Deer Creek Apis: Selma, Oregon: www.deercreekapis.com

Diggin' Livin': Cave Junction, Oregon: www.digginlivinnaturalfoodsfarmdeli.com

Davitt Apiaries: Klamath Falls, Oregon: www.davitt.com

Franz Honeybees: Gold Hill, Oregon.  https://www.facebook.com/franz-honeybees

Noah's Bees and Products: Grants Pass, Oregon:  https://www.facebook.com/noahsbees

Chico Honey Company (www.chicohoneyco.com) // Olivarez Bees, (www.OHBEES.com) Orland, California - Queen Bees available year round : 877.865.0298

Simply Bee: Rogue Valley, Oregon: Honey@messagebox.biz

Siskiyou Bees: Jake Kenfield: Talent, Oregon: 541.890.4623

Wild Bee Honey Farm / The Oregon Bee Store, Eagle Point, Oregon: www.oregonbeestore.com

Find Local Oregon Beekeepers' Associations- Click Here

National Management Survey Data from the Bee Informed Partnership

Bill Catherall, President of Portland Urban Beekeepers Association and Dr. Dewey Caron Illustrate How to do a Mite Count using the Sugar Roll Method:

Oregon Honey Festival, August 18, 2018

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