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What do you do when your Honey Bees decide to make themselves a front porch?  Well, the Fox family had observed their guests for 15 years as they made nests in this lovely outbuilding.  They are such hospitable folk that they decided not to tear down the old place.  After all, the bees seemed so happy nesting in the walls.  This however was the first year that the Bees decided to make themselves a room with a view and it was getting to be Fall.  The family knew that soon the Bees would be too cold to move and the elements would soon make their outdoor living area inhospitable.  It was a little late in the game to relocate them and they had built themselves such a really nice comb!  Remarkably, there was no wasp problem and all the Bees seemed docile.    Along with other talented planners, Dolly Warden and Laura Bee, Director of College of the Melissae, I had the opportunity to assess and witness this creative solution to the problem.  Jim Thompson did some crafty measuring and fashioned a styrofoam structure.  Along with Jason Beck, they fitted it to the exterior of the structure and, as it turned out, the fit was so good that it almost didn't need anything else.  A few holes were drilled into the box, it was fastened at the top and a shim was fixed on the bottom for support, then an extra large shingle was attached at the top to allow water to flow off .  We will be keeping up with the progress on the Bees and their dwelling!   

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