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Amateur Honey Producer Competition

Click HERE for Entry Form

Between 1 - 2 PM, Amateur producers will bring a copy of their:

1. identification (which we will photocopy),

2. a $5.00 entry fee


3. a 6 oz jar of honey to the Oregon Honey Festival (Ticket Required) at 255 E. Main St., Ashland Elks Lodge, 2nd Floor.

The Beekeeper will confirm that the honey was:

1.  Produced by bees for whom they were the primary beekeeper

2.  Produced in Oregon (Identify the zip code of the Harvest Location)

3.  Harvested during 2019

It will be:

4.  Labled by the beekeeper according to convention established by the National Honey Board


5. The Beekeeper will provide a description of the likely floral source if known

Samples will receive a verbal description by Honey Tasting Experts

First Prize: $30

Second Prize:  $20

Third Prize: $10