Oregon Honey Festival, August 19, 2017

Connecting People with Bee Culture and Science Through Taste!

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2017 Presenters

Dewey Caron, Ph.D.

Author, Researcher, Educator, Beekeeper and Mentor

Dr. Dewey Caron earned his Ph.D. in Entomology at Cornell University. He is an Emeritus Professor, Dept of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and an Affiliate Professor in the  Horticulture Department at Oregon State University and works closely with the Oregon State University Honeybee Extension and Outreach Program.  He is, as one says, "the real deal".  Dr. Caron has never felt like his involvement with honeybees was work.  It is his passion and his life.  Dr. Caron is past Chairperson of the Eastern Apiculture Society is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Bee Informed Partnership.  Among his many publications, he is the Author of Honeybee Biology and Beekeeping and The Beekeeper's Handbook.

Aimee Lissantheia
Author, and Creator of "Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee"

Aimee was slated for our 2016 program but was unable to present due to illness.  She has remained on our radar due to her ongoing interest in creatively teaching young people about honeybees.  It is our good fortune to have her scheduled again this year.  She will do a special reading from her book The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee for kids who are young and those who are young at heart!  Aimee received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke where she studied the history of art, dance, theater and costume.  She then spent a decade designing international luxury interiors.  Ultimately, she found her spiritual home in the study of nature and practices heart-based living and bee practices, sacred geometry of dance.  She is a sought after speaker and writer who inspires others internationally.

Katharina Davitt

Education Officer, Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association

Katharina Davitt is an OSU Certified Beekeeper who teaches and mentors for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program in the Klamath Basin.  She is the co-owner of Davitt Apiaries and the Education Officer of the Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association.  She applies scientific methodology to everything she does and is meticulous in her application of research.  Katharina and husband Paul engage numerous schools in classes where she uses fun and ingenious methods to interest kids in honeybee conservation and education.

...more to come!