2017 Presenters

Dewey Caron, Ph.D.

Author, Researcher, Educator, Beekeeper and Mentor

Dr. Dewey Caron earned his Ph.D. in Entomology at Cornell University. He is an Emeritus Professor, Dept of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and an Affiliate Professor in the  Horticulture Department at Oregon State University and works closely with the Oregon State University Honeybee Extension and Outreach Program.  He is, as one says, "the real deal".  Dr. Caron has never felt like his involvement with honeybees was work.  It is his passion and his life.  Dr. Caron is past Chairperson of the Eastern Apiculture Society is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Bee Informed Partnership.  Among his many publications, he is the Author of Honeybee Biology and Beekeeping and The Beekeeper's Handbook.

Aimee Lissantheia
Kids' Author, and Co-Creator of "Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee"

Aimee was slated for our 2016 program but was unable to present due to illness.  She has remained on our radar due to her ongoing interest in creatively teaching young people about honeybees.  It is our good fortune to have her scheduled again this year.  She will do a special reading from her book The Amazing Adventures of Melissa Bee for kids who are young and those who are young at heart!  Aimee received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke where she studied the history of art, dance, theater and costume.  She then spent a decade designing international luxury interiors.  Ultimately, she found her spiritual home in the study of nature and practices heart-based living and bee practices, sacred geometry of dance.  She is a sought after speaker and writer who inspires others internationally.

Lisa Arkin, Educator, Executive Director of Beyond Toxics

Prior to her work at Beyond Toxics, Lisa spent years as an educator and Associate Professor at both Stanford and University of Oregon. Since that time she has accumulated many deep experiences in toxics use reduction advocacy, land use planning, environmental protection and strategic planning for nonprofits.  Lisa has served as Executive Director since 2005.  Read more about her work here

Bonnie Morse,  Arborist, Beekeeper, Educator and Co-owner of Bonnie Bee Company. 

Bonnie describes herself as a "Jack of all trades" and her ability to pull together details of the crisis for Bees led to her work with Mark Winston and Larry Brilliant to bring people together for the landmark www.BeeAudacious.com experience.  A think tank  for some of the finest minds in Beekeeping and Entomology to come together in an effort to regard and confront the current crises for Pollination Professionals and Pollinators.  A winding road through cultural exchange, event planning, horticulture, arboriculture, gorillas and wholesale ultimately led to bees.  A backyard hive quickly led to two and then an obsession and Bonnie and her husband, Gary, formed Bonnie Bee & Company in 2011.  The company is located in Marin County, California and offers local bees and honey in addition to support for local beekeepers through workshops, consulting and hive management. Read about BeeAudacious here.  Read about Bonnie Bee Company here.

Janice Cox

Natural Health and Beauty Author

Janice Cox is Americas leading Natural Beauty and Home Beauty expert. Janice is the author of three best selling books on the subject of Natural Beauty: Natural Beauty at Home, Natural Beauty for All Seasons and Natural Beauty from the Garden (all published by Henry Holt and Company, New York). These books are written cookbook style making it easy for even a beginner to instantly create their own natural beauty products and treatments.
Janice's passion for Home beauty started out of necessity -- growing up in a small Oregon town natural bath and beauty products were hard to come by it was also an easy way to save time and money. Today women all across the country have discovered how fun, easy and cost effective Janices techniques and recipes are and the results are far exceeding their expectations.
Over the years Natural Beauty at Home recipes have appeared in a number of national magazines and newspapers the recipes continue to inspire women to explore the world of home beauty and try something new.  Read more about Janice here.

Kenda Swartz Pepper

Artist, Pollinator Protector, Kids' Writer, Blogger

An Art Therapist and former Corporate Consultant, Kenda is a social justice and environmental writer who does what she can to help make her little corner of the world a better place. Kenda's articles can be found on her blog, Travels and Tripulations, Huffington Post, Jacksonville Review, and various eco-journals and newsletters. Currently she is involved in helping the Town of Jacksonville Oregon become more pollinator friendly!  Read more about Kenda here.

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